Sale of your property in Italy

Dear Sir or Madam.


The Italian market is difficult and will certainly not get easier in the short term. We ourselves have lived in Northern Italy, Central Italy and Southern Italy and have been working in real estate for 3 generations.

The south is nice but even harder as even Italians are afraid (unfounded of course) of the south.

We are honest with you beforehand regarding:


    the price – the photos – the description – the viewings.

    we do not deal with brokers, developers and speculators to whom we have to offer your object cheaply

    we work on a time and material basis – you pay only for what we do – not on the basis of percentages and gagging contracts – or at a fixed price – as you wish

    we recommend you the portals that will help you to sell your object and not a broker organization or the like

3 phases for the sale of your object


1st phase: preparation and documentation of the property

Here may need to be decluttered possibly something be painted and depersonalized.

You can do everything yourself or have it done. Our team has time for this by appointment.


We tell you exactly what you need to do and what you should do … what you then actually carry out is your business.

This can be done via videos or photos or it would be a day’s work for us at cost

about 10 hours, either way.


After that, immediately photograph and edit with the existing photos … you can do yourself or we after expenditure.  Professional photographer costs us on average 600, – euros net, for shots on site. Processing and selection is always done by us – circa 4-8 hours.


The price:

Of course, you determine the price – we determine the realistic market price after the on-site meeting, if you want it. Only if you wish – before that we do not comment on estimates.

Almost all prices on the Internet of real estate in Italy are too high.

Remember: the properties that are on the net are NOT sold – they are mostly dream prices.

2nd phase: to the Internet

We prepare an exposé for you in 3 – 4 languages and the indication in which portals they have to be published.

If you have it translated and put it in the portals yourself for us 4-7 hours.

If you want us to do everything 12-15 hours.


3rd phase: responding to inquiries and on-site appointments and closing

Requests must be dealt with promptly.

We instruct you how to do it properly, 1 hour.

If we are to handle the inquiries, that is about 20-40 minutes per real inquiry including communication and arranging the 1st site visit with a person on site.

Can of course everything by us after expenditure take place.

We cannot carry out inspections, we instruct those who do it on site.

Therefore, the person who will later show the property to the interested parties should always be present at the 1st appointment – you as the owner do not have to be on site.

We tell you exactly which documents people get and which not.

If there is real interest – you can come to the final interview – this should be in Italy, but does not have to be.

Are you a businessman enough to negotiate the object? If not – we will help you.


And then it goes to the notary. The lover buys immediately – and he must do it then – otherwise he will fall in love again – the infatuation phase runs maximum 2-3 weeks after the 1st viewing.

The can be on site – or even if prefer a little bit German at various notaries in South Tyrol.  Should be absolutely regulated in the apron around time-eaters to avoid.


Price as on our Internet page

With placing of order 500, – euro plus VAT.  Advance payment – then we deliver – after that on proof invoicing less the deposit.

You decide at any time what we do – what you do, no commitment.

You will sell your property – without a broker or even with one – we will help them too – if you want us to.

So far we have brought all properties to the woman and the man who followed our recommendations.

For inquiries – simply ask, mail or call 0176-62459120


Greetings from the Marche + Weilheim


You are also welcome to send us an online request and we will get in touch with you