During our 20 years of involvement in real estate preparation and home staging, we have brought countless projects to an extremely successful conclusion. The following is a sampling of our satisfied clients from both the residential, commercial and public sectors.


I have been advised and commissioned by:


Private clients:

Roberto Vignozzi/Bozen Neubau und Umgestaltung München Schwabing

Maler Emil Schuhmacher/Hagen Außenbereichsänderungen

Fam. Jürgen Scheele/Oldenburg Hauskonzepte

Frau A. Voigt/Hamburg/Weilheim i.OB. Wohnungskonzepte

A. Ferdous/München Verkauf einer sehr komplizierten ETW

Prof. Dr. Ing. Lenski/Bochum/ Beratung Immobilien und wissenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit

Charly Neumann(Schalke04)/Gelsenkirchen

Dr. König (Mühlheim) Köpibier/ Exclusive Arbeiten an Privatimmobilien

DJ Huligan / Bottrop / Planung und Bau

Antonio Bergamo, Leece        Beratung mit Vermietungs- und Verkaufskonzepte für Immobilien

in Lecce + Porto Cesareo in Italien und Bergheim in Deutschland

und viele die hier nicht genannt werden wollen.


Commercial clients: 

Warner Brothers Filmstudios – Kulissenberatung und Lieferungen


div. Hausverwaltungen in der BRD/ Beratungsarbeiten

Caritasverbände in NRW

RWE Dienstleistungen


Ruhrkohle AG/ Planungsberatung und Durchführungen

Tengelmann/Aussenanlagenplanung kompl. Logistikzentrum Bottrop

Creditrefom Gelsenkirchen/ Planung

Schloss Beck Kirchhellen/ Planung und Beratung sowie Reproduktion von historischen Bauelementen zur Schlossaufbereitung


Germania Therme/Münster/Planung Innenraumbegrünung

MC-Bauchemie/Aussenanlagenplanung und Durchführung

Deichmannschuhe/Zentrale für Herrn Deichmann und Manager Planung und Beratung und Ausführung

Ruhrgas/Bunde/ Planung und Genehmigungvon Bauvorhaben

Bauträger/München/Beratung funktionale Ausschreibungen im Baubereich

Aldi Bundesweit Beratung und Ausführung

Tennisverein Blau/Weiß/Bottrop exclusive Terrassenarbeiten

Bäckerei Geiping/Lüdinghausen/ Planungs und Ausführungsarbeiten



Public clients:  

Bundes- und Landesgartenschauen/ Mühlheim, Düsseldorf und Dortmund/ viele Auszeichnugen mit Goldmedallien ……

Staatshochbauamt/ Coesfeld/ Brückenbauarbeiten

Stadt Essen, Stadt Bottrop, Mühlheim, Oberhausen ……u.a. Umgestaltung Ebertbadplatz/Aussenanlagen in Millionenhöhe

Deutsche Post/ Umgestaltung von Plätzen

über 40 Kindergärten und Schulen in NRW Planungs- und Ausführungsaufträge in Millionenhöhe

Ernst Augugst Everding Zentrum in Bottrop, Planung und Durchführung Grundsteinlegung und Bauarbeiten


While customer satisfaction is our top priority, our team has also won a number of important awards that document the quality of our work.Feedback from our customers:

Customer Feedback

Alexander Leonhardt from Weilheim:

I had inherited an old house from my beloved grandmother and wanted to sell it. But that is easier said than done. By chance, Mr. Emschermann was recommended to me by as a broker who sells quickly and at a high price. At first I was skeptical, because why should I give a commission to a broker who just boredly opens the front door to prospective buyers and then charges them for it?

Since I already knew something about homestaging from my time in the USA, I decided to place the order, although the promised sums seemed high to me. I could not imagine that there was so much potential in this old row corner house. But the pictures show it and the result speaks for itself:

2 days after the first viewing, there was a binding reservation.

Over 100,000 euros more than the local developers wanted to give me and

130,000 euros more than my relatives offered me.’

The additional costs for homestaging and special measures cost me just under 6,000 euros. The profit through proper marketing, unique – class.

The team of Home-Staging-Weilheim takes care of the whole process, up to the closing of the sale. No stress for me, and over 100,000 euros more for me.

One can simply recommend this, and so I wish Mr. Emschermann and his Homestaging team many more customers like me, who want to sell quickly and at a high price.

Your Alexander Leonhardt from Weilheim


Here the experience and comment about a thatched roof farm in the Oldenburger Land:

Fam. Jürgen Scheele from Dingsteede near Oldenburg:

” We really wanted to buy a thatched farm in the Oldenburg country. After a long search we found an old farm in Dingsteede. My wife and I were unsure about the building fabric and renovation concepts and costs. Mr. Emschermann advised us comprehensively and honestly. The real cost time and proposed changes quickly brought us to reality and we decided. After 2 years of renovation we have our dream property. Costs, timing and spatial development were in line with Mr. Emschermann’s planning. No nasty surprises. Mr. Emschermann is honest, pragmatic and an experienced construction expert. Thank you also again for persuading us NOT to build a vacation home in the property. ”


Mrs. D. from Munich (property data and photos may be viewed in the office)

I entrusted my house in NRW to Mr. Emschermann for sale. A difficult property that local brokers had estimated at 25o,ooo to 3oo,ooo Euros. Mr. Emschermann sold it with a local co-broker for over Euro. Profit ? .-)

Afterwards I gave my beloved real estate in Italy for sale. After a short time I could go to the notary with Germans and Italians. The price was the one I had hoped for – but I was happy to get buyers in Italy at all – My neighbors still try to sell with normal brokers. Additional costs 7000,- Euro – belly ache – no more – especially Italy it is getting more and more difficult to sell – now I only make vacations there – and visit my former neighbors.

Compliment to Mr. Emschermann and his men – the first brokers what make fast for your money – also in Italy.


Here the experience of a customer from Weilheim Upper Bavaria who does not want to be named:

“I tried to sell my house for 1 year, first by myself and then with a local broker. Without success. Sometimes it was because of the price, then because of the location …… . The realtor scurried through my property, took a few photos and came up with prospective buyers who declined even when I reduced the purchase price. Then I learned about homestaging and hired Mr. Emschermann.

After small changes of the real estate, which cost me 3000, – euro after purchase price preservation, I got 38,000 euro more, 2 months after assignment, than from the market price set by the broker. The next objects only with homestaging. Mr. Emschermann with his hardworking staff I wish many people who realize that real estate sales is more than what usually acts on the market. ”


Awards and prizes:

Landesumweltpreis NRW

Gold- und Silbermedallien auf Landes und Bundesgartenschauen

Innovationspreis Ruhrgebiet

Erbauer der 1. Kleinkläranlage auf dem Flachdach seines mehrfach Prämierten Doppel-Ö-Haus in Kirchhellen – ausgezeichnet mit vielen Preisen