We do not charge like normal brokers percentage (unless the customer wants it), but work according to work performed – fair + correct:

92€/hour for consultant, architect and photographer plus 19% VAT = 109,48€ gross
58€/hour for back office plus 19% VAT = 69,02€ gross
41€/hour for construction worker and plastering plus 19% UST = 48,79€ gross

The VAT will of course be shown on a proper invoice.

In the hourly wage all with the order developing costs are contained like:

– Travel costs (also flight costs)

– Hardware costs (also at the photographer)

– Media costs (telephone and internet)

– tool costs


We will discuss the expected costs beforehand. Ask us.

No hidden extra costs for you, the customer.


Upon full payment of our invoice, you will also receive full rights to the photos we take and edit.